Wednesday, April 25, 2007

R.U. Sirius Interviewed by UFO Abductee!

You probably already know about futurist/visionary/cultural analyst R.U. Sirius (who was actually an acquaintance of mine back in the day), through his webzine, his podcasts, his old magazine, Mondo 2000 or his books. Science fiction author Rudy Rucker's story blog has published an interview with this cultural icon, conducted by alter-ego and flying-saucer-pilot-drinking-buddy Frank Shook. Below is a brief excerpt:

FRANK SHOOK: How many women have you fucked?

RU: Can you ever really tell for sure? Was it me doing the fucking, and were they actually women? My seed has been aborted many times. John Perry Barlow took great delight in telling Randall Terry, from Operation Rescue, all about it when we were all in the green room getting ready to be interviewed by Chris Matthews for a late night talk show called “NBC Night Focus” back in 1992. Rudy was there too. Incidentally, Terry – like me – spent his adolescence in Binghamton New York. And part of his story is that he took acid in high school. A friend of mine distributed most of the acid in Binghamton in the mid-70s when Terry was in High School. So I feel some vague quantum contagion might be afoot here between Terry and myself.

Check the full version of the interview at the link below:

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