Saturday, February 19, 2005

Welcome to the Fuddler

Hello....(tap tap tap) this thing on? (Slight feedback)

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Hey, just what the world needs, right? Another internet soap box for yet another mouse-potato's semi-relevant opinions on life here in the New Millennium. Here you will see the usual blather about the current administration (as if there weren't already enough of that), opinions on cultural happenings or icons, philospihizing and pontificating on things in general. In short, here you will find everything for the man or woman who has a few minutes to kill and is tired of re-reading the op-ed column in the local paper, watching the news on the wall-mounted TV that's just a few inches too high up to mute or change channels on, listening to the clock radio with the blown loudspeaker squawking away in the next cubicle over, or perusing the ads for 9-million-dollar Florida condominiums at the back of the NY Times Magazine.

By the way, this weblog has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with an excellent publication called The Baffler.

Stay tuned. More to come.