Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Size Never Fits All.

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Two of the blogs I follow regularly are the ones by author and commentator Greta Christina, both her own and the one she writes for (which is a sex-toy vendor, so it's probably not safe for work).

Her most recent one for Blowfish cuts to the very heart of our belief system concerning love, sex, and/or marriage. Most of us frankly don't give these beliefs a second thought. It's hard to do so when you're pressured to conform not only by friends and relatives, but by television, Hollywood and the music industry. We don't question these beliefs even when, when it turns out they're not quite right for us.

Check this excerpt out:

...If we know anything at all about human sex and human sexual relationships, it’s that the only constant is variety. Human beings have an almost infinite variety of sexual and emotional experiences: an eye-popping smorgasbord of feelings and desires, prejudices and preferences, turn-offs and needs. And we should be tailoring our decisions about sex to fit our individual experiences. We should not be forcing our sexual and romantic decisions into a one- size- fits- all garment . . . one which, like most one- size- fits- all garments, really fits only a handful of people. ...

Read the whole thing here

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